DK + Progress City Are Game-Changing Lives

Abbi Nicolella
April 26, 2021

April is Autism Awareness Month and as the month winds down, Diamond Kinetics is proud to highlight our partnership with Progress City and our small part in helping improve the lives of those living with autism.

DK works with Progress City and the Autism Employment Network to offer employment opportunities – packing our product, carrying out quality assurance procedures, and important steps in shipping and fulfillment.

The Autism Employment Network expands the definition of diversity to include those on the autism spectrum, opening doors to a whole new workforce. Through Progress City, DK integrates individuals on the spectrum into our process and pipeline, fulfilling important steps in delivering our product to our customers and the broad consumer public. Our products are packaged and delivered by Progress City employees, now known as “Diamond Kinetics Packing Experts,” who earn a paycheck, contribute to something bigger, and build valuable career and life skills.

In the sports world, that’s called a “WIN WIN.”

Learn more about the Autism Employment Network and other services provided by Progress City by visiting their website here: