Built with a magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope, the DK Bat Sensor captures pre-contact swing data and instantly sends it to your iOS device via Bluetooth. Swinging in offline mode? The DK Bat Sensor stores the metrics 100+ swings when offline, so you can check out the numbers after a BP session or game.



Access your swing data in real-time and see your kids get better in front of your eyes. The DK bat sensor delivers data straight from your bat to the Diamond Kinetics app with every swing, tracking metrics like Max Barrel Speed, Impact Momentum, Max Acceleration, and more!



The DK bat sensor attaches to any bat and delivers swing data to the Diamond Kinetics app with every swing, tracking metrics like barrel speed, acceleration, and attack angle and more. Watch your power, speed, quickness, and control improve!


Diamond Kinetics Swing Score breaks down all the important characteristics of your swing in terms of power, speed, quickness, and control - so you can map an individual program to take advantage of your strengths while optimizing areas you want to improve.

Performance Simplified

Swing Score

Swing Score is a highly individualized tool that expresses a player’s swing performance in a single comprehensive number, based on DK’s 11 proven swing metrics. The DK App generates a new Swing Score number for every 100 swings, so players can see how they are progressing every time they hit. Track performance in the Power, Speed, Control, and Quickness categories. Zero in on areas to improve with suggested Guided Hitting Sessions. Become a more complete hitter with Swing Score from DK.



Coaches, scouts, teams, and organizations at the highest level of the game use DK technology for both player evaluation and development to assess swing performance and hone the skills of the very best players. If it's trusted by the likes of MLB, USA Baseball, Alliance Fastpitch, and Perfect Game - you can trust it too.

evaluate and develop


Based on millions of swings taken every year, DK’s proven sensor-based motion technology and analytics engine provide players, parents, coaches, and scouts benchmarks and thresholds across all key metric needed for player evaluation and development. DK is used by the best in the game, including MLB, USA Baseball, USA Softball, Perfect Game, Alliance Fastpitch, PONY, and more.




Applied Power

The amount of power – measured in watts – that is applied to the bat during the swing by the hands and body.


Max Acceleration

Captures how quickly a batter speeds up their swing from start until impact, and relates directly to the force and torque applied to the bat.


Impact Momentum

The amount of momentum in the bat when it makes contact with the ball. It is determined by barrel speed at impact, and the weight of the bat.


Max Barrel Speed

The maximum speed of the bat’s barrel during your swing, at a point 20% from the tip of the bat.


Speed Efficiency

Calculates the exact percentage of Max Barrel Speed that occurs at the precise moment of impact.


Max Hand Speed

The maximum speed of your hands during the swing.


Trigger to Impact

The amount of time – measured in milliseconds – elapsed from the start of your forward bat motion to the moment of impact. The DK Bat Sensor measures Trigger To Impact from the instant the player begins accelerating the bat toward the ball, until the precise moment of impact.


Attack Angle

The angle/direction of your swing plane just prior to, and at the moment of impact.


Hand Cast Distance

Measures how far the hands move – in a lateral direction – away from the player’s load position at the start of the swing, to the point where the hands are at impact.


Distance in the Zone

Measures the length of the hitting zone along a line toward the pitcher. It is determined by the region ‘swept’ by the bat.


Vertical Bat Angle

The angle between bat and horizontal plane at the moment of impact.