Boston Red Sox Teenage Slugger Blaze Jordan Partners with WIN Reality and Diamond Kinetics to Showcase the Future of Hitting Training For Baseball & Softball

Frank Cinicola
November 24, 2021

Austin, TEXAS, November 19, 2021 – With another season of baseball behind us, and as we look to 2022, players are gearing up for next year. As sports enthusiasts know, ‘champions are made in the offseason’ which is exactly why future Boston Red Sox star, Blaze Jordan, has partnered with WIN Reality and Diamond Kinetics. Through their exciting virtual reality training programs that are in use by players at every level of the game from little league all the way to the majors, hitters can see unlimited game speed pitches, take live at-bats, and with Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker, receive valuable information on their swing mechanics.

The power hitting Jordan uses WIN Reality to improve his performance at the plate. According to Jordan: “WIN Reality has helped me unlock performance I didn’t know I had by training my eyes, working on my timing, and seeing the flight of the ball, pitch after pitch. The offseason is an important time to identify areas for improvement and then tackle them – one pitch at a time.”

By combining WIN Reality’s VR training technology, and Diamond Kinetics’ swing metrics, players like Jordan are able to train anytime from anywhere in the world, facilitating life-like practices and a better understanding of their swing.

“Advanced swing technology is a relatively new tool that has been only accessible to players at the professional level. Our partnership with Diamond Kinetics allows WIN Reality users to experience in-game situations at the plate, then study feedback provided from DK’s swing analysis,” said Chris O’Dowd, Co-Founder and CEO of WIN Reality. “These tools dramatically improve batting and coupling our VR software with swing tracking data is a perfect match to help aspiring players at all levels.”

Science-Based Analytics

Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker’s cutting-edge technology brings science-based motion analytics to every user. With easy-to-understand metrics for every swing, hitters will understand everything about their swing and their outcomes.

“We believe this is the most innovative and complete swing training solution on the market today. Hitters face real pitchers in WIN Reality’s VR world, enabling them to work on different scenarios and pitch types while visualizing ball flight and outcomes,” said CJ Handron, CEO of Diamond Kinetics. “This powerful solution transcends VR and the real world because the bundle bought on includes a SwingTracker bat sensor that players can attach during batting practice in the cage or even in a live game, extending their learning and development in every environment possible. There’s nothing else like it in the world.”

Real Pitchers

When hitters step out onto one of three virtual fields, they’ll be faced with real pitchers, throwing with the same velocity and movement that they’ll face when it counts. With a range of speeds from 30-to-100mph, and every kind of pitcher imaginable, there’s something for everyone from the youth levels of the sport, all the way to MVP winners already in the big leagues.

Proven Results

With real-time reporting on everything from strength of contact, to how accurate a hitter is identifying pitch types and locations, WIN Reality and Diamond Kinetics provide players with the insights needed to get better in the batter’s box and unlock hidden performance. Performance results include:

  • Plate Discipline: Hitters who use WIN Reality for 15 minutes a day see significant increases invaluable plate discipline metrics
  • WIN More: Teams that train with WIN Reality see a steep increase in their winning percentage
  • Accelerated Development: Players who train with WIN Reality acquire skills seven times faster than those using traditional training methods and can practice on thousands of pitchers, where they would normally only face a fraction of those during the regular season

See what makes the WIN Reality and Diamond Kinetics partnership the next step in sports training evolution.

Hit A Holiday Home Run with $150 Value Savings

There’s never been a better time to give the gift of performance. The WIN Reality + Diamond Kinetics Hitting bundle, designed for both baseball and softball players at all levels, is available for $299 with a one-year membership. (Oculus Quest is needed, but not included in the bundle.) The bundle includes:

  • Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker
  • WIN Reality bat attachment
  • Complimentary Diamond Kinetics Premium Access

More than 20+ MLB franchises and 100+ NCAA baseball and softball programs rely on WIN Reality’s software to provide players a one-of-a-kind unlimited game-speed pitching access to sharpen their plate discipline, recognize pitches sooner, and to hone their understanding of when to swing and when to take. Coupled with a rapidly growing at-home consumer audience, WIN Reality is quickly becoming the go-to for anyone looking to improve their technique.

To learn more or purchase a bundle, visit the WIN Reality shop here.

About WIN Reality

WIN Reality is a virtual reality-based training tool designed to offer athlete evaluation and development. The company’s software solution allows baseball and softball players to step into a virtual ballpark and take game speed pitches that spin toward the plate exactly as they would in a live environment. This empowers each customer to achieve their peak potential faster than they ever could with traditional training methods. To learn more about WIN Reality, visit, or follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Facebook.

About Diamond Kinetics

Diamond Kinetics (DK) is a Pittsburgh-based sports-tech company focused entirely on the games of baseball and softball. As the market leader in the space, Diamond Kinetics combines motion-based-sensors with mobile applications and a robust digital platform to provide hitting and throwing data to players, parents, coaches, and teams – helping them understand their performance, improve, and have more fun playing the game they love.

Through its SwingTracker and PitchTracker technology, DK captures millions of swings and throws each year to help coaches and scouts accurately benchmark and objectively evaluate talent. Beyond the metrics, DK’s mobile applications offer a number of innovative features aimed at player development.

To learn more about Diamond Kinetics, visit or follow DK on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook.