Baseball Industry Leaders Prospect Wire and Diamond Kinetics Partner

Abbi Nicolella
June 25, 2020

(LONGWOOD, Fla. | PITTSBURGH) – Forging the future of player evaluation, development, and recruiting, Prospect Wire announced today it has entered into an exclusive partnership with baseball and softball technology leader and innovator Diamond Kinetics.

The two organizations will collaborate to deliver a series of industry firsts, creating the most revolutionary, technology-driven and high-value showcase experience – with the goal of changing the way coaches and scouts evaluate talent and develop players.  

This new event format will include live, game-speed swing data for hitters as well as pitcher spin rate, spin axis and break data. Additionally, the DK technology will provide catchers with never before available data on their timing, arm strength and spin rate/axis/break on their throws. Diamond Kinetics will also use a unique bat-fitting technology to ensure players are swinging the optimal size bat to maximize their performance.

Moreover, Prospect Wire is marrying the Diamond Kinetics platform with established partner BaseballCloud, elevating PW’s ability to collect event data and bolstering it with a richer set of metrics from the DK tech.

Layering this new and uniquely collected data with BaseballCloud’s robust feature-set will create a more complete picture of the players who go through a PW showcase.

In turn, this format will help streamline the recruiting process by aligning top data collection services into a simplified platform where colleges and scouts can quickly, easily, and objectively gauge talent.

“Thanks to our partnership with Diamond Kinetics, every player and parent will be getting the full experience and very best possible means of player assessment when they come to a Prospect Wire Baseball Event,” said Cliff Terracuso, Prospect Wire President. “With the help of DK and BaseballCloud, we are extremely excited to bring groundbreaking methods into the player evaluation process, setting the tone for so much more to come.”

Starting this year, every player attending a Prospect Wire showcase will receive a Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker bat sensor or Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker ‘Smart’ baseball upon arrival.

The DK sensors will be embedded into the entire flow of each showcase and camp.

Hitters will be able to use their very own, personalized SwingTracker sensor to capture every one of their swings throughout each Prospect Wire event, ensuring scouts and recruiters have the most complete picture of each players’ swing using live, game-speed swings.  

Players will also be able to log in after the event to the Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker App and see DK’s latest cutting-edge, swing analysis tool Swing Fingerprint™ to view a 3D heat map of their hot and cold zones from swings taken during the event.  

Pitchers will use DK’s revolutionary PitchTracker ‘Smart’ baseball to capture the spin rate, spin axis and break on each of their primary pitches during events, giving scouts and recruiters insight into more than just the speed of the pitch.

For catchers, Prospect Wire and Diamond Kinetics will be working to bring new technology to PW showcases to capture the industry’s most exact catcher pop times, spin rate and spin axis.  This will provide catchers with valuable insight on their exchange time, arm strength and ball flight tendencies to help them develop more consistent accurate throws.

“Partnering with Prospect Wire was truly a no-brainer,” Diamond Kinetics CEO C.J. Handron said. “With their reach, scope and willingness to fully embed SwingTracker sensors and PitchTracker baseballs into every one of their events, we truly see them as a forward-thinking organization that will have a significant influence on the game going forward.”

Every player attending Prospect Wire’s National Championships and/or All American Games will have access to a custom-fitting for a wood bat using DK’s bat fitting technology.  

The bat fitting process will establish if each player is using the optimal bat (length & weight) for their unique swing. Players and parents will also be able to purchase a special, ‘Smart’ version of their newly custom ‘bat fitted’ bat on-site that will hold their SwingTracker sensor directly inside the knob.

Additionally, players and parents will get to take their Swing Tracker bat sensor and PitchTracker smart baseball home after the showcase. This will allow players to track their development over time and train the way they will be tested and measured by colleges and scouts all over the nation.



Started in 2004, Prospect Wire is one of the largest organizers of elite level high school baseball events across the country.

As a result, Prospect Wire’s player database has grown to over 50,000 current prospects, making it one of the largest scouting services for high school baseball in America. Prospect Wire is dedicated to revolutionizing the showcase and tournament space by using forward thinking and tech focused means to beat expectations of what an event use to provide to players and parents.

To learn more, go to Prospect Wire’s website at ​​. You can follow Prospect Wire on Instagram, Twitter,  Facebook


Diamond Kinetics (DK) is a Pittsburgh based sports-tech company focused entirely on the games of baseball and softball. As the market leader in the space, Diamond Kinetics combines motion-based-sensors with mobile applications and a robust digital platform to provide hitting and throwing data to players, parents, coaches, and teams – helping them understand their performance, improve, and have more fun playing the game they love.

Through its SwingTracker and PitchTracker technology, DK captures millions of swings and throws each year to help coaches and scouts accurately benchmark and objectively evaluate talent. Beyond the metrics, DK’s mobile applications offer a number of innovative features aimed at player development.  

To learn more about Diamond Kinetics, visit or follow DK on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook.


BaseballCloud is a groundbreaking software that has broken the mold by giving amateur baseball players, teams, and coaches access to a single, user-friendly platform of performance data. BaseballCloud fills a gap in the industry by simplifying the process of uploading and analyzing data. The software operates underneath its umbrella company, DS Sports Ventures — a rapidly growing sports investment group founded by Kevin Davidson and Joseph Sleiman. Since its inception in 2017, DS Sports Ventures has acquired 10 businesses, including ProspectWire, a premiere baseball scouting, and tournament company. DSSV has employed 700+ people (seasonal/annual) and brought over 400,000 fans to Osceola, Polk, and Seminole counties respectively. To learn more, go to BaseballCloud’s website at ​​. You can follow BaseballCloud on Instagram, ​Twitter​, or ​Facebook.