MLB Announces Virtual PLAY BALL Weekend Experience in the Diamond Kinetics App

Diamond Kinetics
May 21, 2024

Diamond Kinetics is thrilled to team up with MLB to expand the reach of PLAY BALL Weekend by launching a first-of-its-kind virtual PLAY BALL event using the Diamond Kinetics mobile app. Beginning June 14th, thousands of kids can participate in PLAY BALL Weekend from their own backyard or any place they can swing a bat. The Diamond Kinetics iOS mobile app allows kids to play virtual games, match their swing against big league all-stars, take interactive hitting lessons, and join challenges for a chance to win MLB prizes. The Diamond Kinetics App opens up a whole new world of fun hitting experiences through PLAY BALL-themed activities that merge real-world swings with digital-mobile content and rewards.

  • SwingMatch: Kids take real swings and DK’s SmartMotion technology uses the phone’s camera to capture and compare their swing motion with MLB All-Stars. Kids will be able to see how closely their swing resembles a dozen MLB players, including Shohei Ohtani, Mookie Betts, Juan Soto, and many others.
  • Coach Ballgame Swing Challenge: Kids swing their bat in the Coach Ballgame Challenge. DK’s swing-counter uses the phone’s camera to count their swings. Every swing is an entry for a chance to win PLAY BALL prize packs.
  • Interactive Hitting Lessons: With the intent of getting kids swinging more and smiling the whole time, the DK app provides a series of quick, fun, and easy PLAY BALL interactive lessons that teach basic hitting concepts intertwined with MLB game content.
  • PLAY BALL Mini-Games: Mini-games are a series of unique, lightweight, tap-based activities that use MLB game highlights to drive engagement, connect kids with MLB players & clubs, and teach aspects of the game.
  • Gamifying the Game: Participants earn experience points (XP), unlock rewards, and can customize their avatar with the MLB Club skins, card backgrounds, and PLAY BALL themed badges.
  • Extending PLAY BALL Weekend All Season: Many of the activities will remain in the Diamond Kinetics app year-round, so kids can have fun, get better, and keep up with their favorite MLB players through unique interactive experiences, anywhere, anytime.

Diamond Kinetics is proud to help bring the excitement of baseball to kids around the country as a part of MLB’s PLAY BALL Weekend. The goal is to help players smile while they get better, to gamify the game, and most of all - to play ball!

Register to be a part of PLAY BALL Weekend in the DK App or at a field near you HERE