Los Angeles Dodgers Training Academy, EL1 and Diamond Kinetics Partner to Bridge Intersection of Digital and Real-World Baseball

Abbi Nicolella
August 19, 2020

(LOS ANGELES | TACOMA, WA. | PITTSBURGH, PA.) – The Los Angeles Dodgers Training Academy (“DTA”), powered by national youth sports organization E|L1, announced today it has partnered with baseball & softball technology leader Diamond Kinetics (“DK”) to enhance and intersect real-world baseball instruction and digital baseball technology, which will benefit over 20,000 youth players across the country.

The two organizations will work together to integrate Diamond Kinetics’ cutting-edge hitting and pitching technology into the DTA expert performance training camps and clinics to help strengthen and fortify the player development process. Furthermore, DK and DTA will collaborate to provide in-depth instructional and educational video content via DK’s mobile applications.

“Partnering with E|L1 and the Los Angeles Dodgers Training Academy allows for an impactful and large-scale operation that can ultimately have a significant benefit on today’s youth players,” Diamond Kinetics CEO C.J. Handron said. “This is a fantastic marriage and integration of both a digital baseball platform and a real-world baseball application.”

The Los Angeles Dodgers Training Academy will utilize DK’s SwingTracker Bat Sensor and PitchTracker Smart Baseball to drive and augment their 1-on-1 lessons, small group instruction, and team training at each camp and clinic. Players will have the ability to be mentored by, and learn from, former collegiate and professional baseball players turned teachers of the game, while also using the latest technology across the sport – enabling them to access insights like-never-before and improve overall athletic performance.

Those that take part in DTA camps and clinics will also be encouraged to train remotely at home with DK technology after the event is over. This will allow each individual to track their hitting or pitching progress over time, and have the ability to interact with their coach/instructor in a unique, personalized & innovative way.

“We’re on a mission to transform athletes, families, and communities through sport. By partnering with Diamond Kinetics, this new and innovative approach of merging together the worlds of digital and real-life baseball gives our organization and instructors the ability to empower today’s youth through data and technology-based training” said E|L1 CEO Griff Long.  “Because of this unique intersection, players will have the opportunity to learn and understand the game at the highest level possible. Through in-depth and adaptive performance insights from DK’s technology, our organization will be able to give each player an experience that will truly shape them into stronger and more well-rounded athletes.”

To drive customer engagement even further, Diamond Kinetics will also embed specialized video content from the DTA into its wide-ranging spectrum of mobile applications. This, combined with DTA’s highly accredited camps & clinics, will give players a large, robust and fully complete instructional and technological palette to draw from in order to enhance their skills and develop their game.


E|L1 is a national youth sports training and operations platform. We support local teams, coaches, and leagues at all levels of play with world-class training, technology, and administrative services. Organizations that are Powered By E|L1 are committed to putting child development, professional education, and equal opportunity at the forefront of youth sports.

We’ve developed a cost-effective, results-oriented model for league management that allows local administrators to maintain autonomy while elevating their organization’s programming and better serving their parents and players.

Your children can experience our transformational programs in a 1-on-1 setting, by joining our small group classes, or by signing up with their existing team.

E|L1’s highly trained educators can enhance your existing sports program, running practices and skill-building alongside you so that you can focus less on process and more on your players.

For more information on E|L1 Sports, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.


Los Angeles Dodgers Training Academy is a youth sports training and operations platform that supports local teams, coaches, leagues, and communities at all levels of play to positively impact through the vessel of sport.

With world-class instruction, technology, and administrative services, our goal is to create training and development programs, that empower our athletes and communities both on and off the field. We are driven at DTA to reaching the whole athlete; the player and the person.

Our sole mission is to develop, foster, and nurture a love and passion for sport, all while providing an unforgettable learning experience and creating lifelong Dodger fans.

Learn more about the Los Angeles Dodgers Training Academy by visiting their website.


Diamond Kinetics (DK) is a Pittsburgh based sports-tech company focused entirely on the games of baseball and softball. As the market leader in the space, Diamond Kinetics combines motion-based-sensors with mobile applications and a robust digital platform to provide hitting and throwing data to players, parents, coaches, and teams – helping them understand their performance, improve, and have more fun playing the game they love.

Through its SwingTracker and PitchTracker technology, DK captures millions of swings and throws each year to help coaches and scouts accurately benchmark and objectively evaluate talent. Beyond the metrics, DK’s mobile applications offer a number of innovative features aimed at player development.  

To learn more about Diamond Kinetics, visit or follow DK on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook.