From the CEO: Diamond Kinetics Response & Action to COVID-19

Abbi Nicolella
March 17, 2020

PITTSBURGH – As our nation undergoes a radical change in how we live our everyday lives, Diamond Kinetics is here to help and support the baseball and softball communities during this difficult time.

With baseball and softball seasons cancelled or suspended, from the professional level to collegiate, high school and recreational levels, there is this uncertainty going forward of, “How are we going to get back those lost months?”

Games, tournaments, and showcases have been postponed or cancelled outright, but players still want to play and parents, coaches, and scouts want to see them practice and develop.

At DK, we asked ourselves: What can we do? How can we help?

Working with our network of partners in the games of baseball and softball, we are actively working on the plan to best support those who have either lost their seasons, their practice fields, their training facilities or the places they go to everyday to play the game they love.

We can’t give players their games back, but we can give them the chance to play at home and even play with your team remotely.

So, we’re are launching the DK – Play at Home Initiative

  • FREE 3-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION FOR EVERYONE: DK is offering a free 3-month subscription for any hitter or pitcher who wants to access our apps, measure their performance, and improve over time. These subscriptions can be purchased (free) through our online shop and must be activated by April 30th. We are limiting it to one free 3-month subscription per account, but you can do BOTH hitting and pitching if you are a two-way player. This is our way of giving players some of their season back.
  • BRINGING OUR PRICE DOWN TO HELP YOU PLAY: DK will have a special discount for the players, parents, coaches and teams whose seasons have been affected, starting with $10 off any DK hardware (PitchTracker Smart Ball, SwingTracker Bat Sensor, or bundle of both products). We will keep this offer active as long as possible and as long as supplies last. Teams should contact us for special deals for rec, travel, high-school, and NCAA programs.  
  • PLAY AT HOME: Diamond Kinetics encourages everyone to practice safe, social distancing and to Play At Home. One of the best features of our products is they all can easily work at home, just as they would in a facility or on the field. They are designed to be malleable and adaptable to their surroundings. So set up a net in the garage, basement, or the backyard and keep hitting and throwing.
  • TEAMS CAN PRACTICE REMOTELY: It is possible for coaches and instructors to access player data from afar and our Customer Support Team is ready and willing to work with teams, organizations, and individuals who want to set up and manage players or groups to keep practice plans and skill development moving.
  • TIPS, ADVICE, AND DRILLS ARE COMING: Lastly, DK will be creating and producing home-based baseball and softball content from leading experts and instructors within the DK Family to help you get started and make Playing At Home as fun, educational and impactful as we can.


As a company, Diamond Kinetics is being very attentive and vigilant to this ongoing situation by being safe, but also functional. We are prioritizing remote work for employees, and taking the necessary steps to practice social distancing. We are still operating as we normally would, and plan to do so for as long as we have to.

As you make your baseball and softball plans over the coming weeks and months, remember Diamond Kinetics is a resource you can count on. We ask that you please do your best to take special care of your loved ones, keep your families safe, and continue to remain strong, diligent and steadfast as we continue to fight COVID-19.