Diamond Kinetics Continues Partnership With NFCA as an Official Sponsor

Abbi Nicolella
January 9, 2020

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -The NFCA is pleased to announce official sponsor Diamond Kinetics will continue its ongoing partnership with the Association. Agreeing to a multi-year deal, Diamond Kinetics will focus on its presence at the NFCA National Convention with the goal of educating the softball community on how to apply and use technology to enhance the learning and training process.

Continuing as the lead sponsor of the NFCA Convention App, Diamond Kinetics will also have speaking opportunities to grab the attention of Convention attendees as well as showcasing its latest products in the newly-introduced Exhibit Hall batting cage.

“We are thrilled to extend and expand our partnership with Diamond Kinetics,” said NFCA Executive Director Carol Bruggeman. “They are a leader in the technology industry and work tirelessly to produce quality products for the softball community. These products are easy to use, measure relevant data, and provide feedback for student-athletes and coaches to enhance on-field performance. We look forward to working with Diamond Kinetics to help educate our coaches and to grow the sport of softball.”

As one of the leaders in mobile motion technology and information, Diamond Kinetics enhances the games of baseball and softball by creating engaging experiences that help players improve and also have fun.

“We are very excited for the continued opportunity to partner with NFCA to help bring the most advanced and accessible player-development technology to the game of softball,” said Diamond Kinetics Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Schuldt. “We believe, with the help and support of NFCA, this partnership will have a long-lasting, meaningful impact on the game and do a tremendous job supporting and educating coaches in the evolution of hitters and pitchers.”