Diamond Kinetics and Reboot Motion Announce Exclusive Mobile Video-Based Biomechanics Partnership

Abbi Nicolella
July 29, 2020

PITTSBURGH – Diamond Kinetics and Reboot Motion announced today they have entered into an exclusive partnership to develop and commercialize markerless, mobile-video based biomechanical analyses that will give players objective data on their motion and mechanics simply by using Diamond Kinetics’ pitching and hitting apps.

“Partnering with Reboot Motion is a massive step forward for Diamond Kinetics as we work together to help players, parents and coaches understand what the body is doing during the hitting and pitching sequence,” Diamond Kinetics CEO C.J. Handron said. “The simplicity of using the camera on your mobile device to help optimize individual athletic movement is at the forefront of this partnership and something that will give players of all levels the opportunity to improve.”

When used in combination with Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker® Bat Sensor or PitchTracker™ ‘Smart’ Balls, Reboot Motion’s movement analysis program will provide unique insights and the ability to glean a more comprehensive and sophisticated analysis by connecting the players biomechanics with the outcome measured through DK’s sensors on bat and in the ball.

Furthermore, the ability to link body motion with bat and/or ball dynamics, in an affordable, widely accessible way, will be an industry breakthrough that will benefit all players at every level, and help give coaches and parents simple, understandable data and analysis.

“Partnering with Diamond Kinetics gives us the ability to further advance our guiding principles, based in physics and physiology, and together help build a strong and sturdy movement analysis platform to enhance player development at all ages,” Reboot Motion co-founder and CEO Dr. James Buffi said.

After spending four plus years as a senior analyst for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dr. Buffi has proven himself to be at the forefront of professional pitcher development, performance, and acquisition at the game’s highest level. Reboot Motion currently provides biomechanics analysis as a service (BaaS) and other custom products for the most elite players in the game today, and will continue their advanced technology offerings to individual players, high-level coaches, academies and pro teams.

Bringing a like-minded background to DK, Dr. Buffi worked both in the lab and on the field to analyze complex computer simulations, while also working directly with pro coaches and players connecting real-world actions with digital analysis. He has also spent time as a Visiting Research Scholar at Stanford University, Visiting Researcher at Mass General Hospital, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and a Biomechanics Consultant for Driveline Baseball.

Dr. Buffi received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University and his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Notre Dame.

Diamond Kinetics and Reboot Motion are already pushing projects into the beta phase and expect to launch the initial solutions to the public by the end of 2020.

Diamond Kinetics & Reboot Motion will apply motion-based principles to baseball and softball hitting & pitching.


Diamond Kinetics (DK) is a Pittsburgh based sports-tech company focused entirely on the games of baseball and softball. As the market leader in the space, Diamond Kinetics combines motion-based-sensors with mobile applications and a robust digital platform to provide hitting and throwing data to players, parents, coaches, and teams – helping them understand their performance, improve, and have more fun playing the game they love.

Through its SwingTracker and PitchTracker technology, DK captures millions of swings and throws each year to help coaches and scouts accurately benchmark and objectively evaluate talent. Beyond the metrics, DK’s mobile applications offer a number of innovative features aimed at player development.  

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Reboot Motion is dedicated to helping athletes perform better, using 1st principles of physics and physiology to optimize individual athletic movements. Reboot’s goal is to build the world’s best movement analysis platform that takes in movement data of any form, and outputs simple, objective, and actionable training recommendations. Its mission is to empower coaches, athletes, and all who share a love for the game.

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