The Marucci CATX Smart is the first true smart bat ever produced. We have combined Marucci's industry-leading craftsmanship with DK’s proven sensor-based motion technology, embedded permanently in the knob, no charging necessary. For the first time ever, track and measure every swing, in the game and in the cage, in a way that makes getting better more fun.


The CATX Smart is available on

Swing and See


From training in the facility, to tee work in the backyard, to at-bats on game day - every swing is measured in the Diamond Kinetics App because it is approved for USSSA in-game use. Get instant AB analysis when you are connected to the app, or store 100+ swings in off-line mode and look at them next time you connect to the app.


Score Your Swing

Level Up Your Game

Understand performance trends with Swing Score. At the heart of the DK Swing Performance Center, Swing Score tracks performance trends in the Power, Speed, Control, and Quickness categories and even suggests Guided Hitting Sessions to improve the categories that need work.


The Diamond Kinetics App

BP Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Open up a whole new world of hitting experiences that help you grow your game. DK+ Members unlock more features including interactive games, guided hitting sessions, exclusive Marucci experiences, challenges, missions, and customizable clubhouse with up to 4 personalized profiles.


Learn From the Best

Training That Hits Different

Players can choose from our library of 50+ Guided Hitting Sessions, featuring trusted, knowledgeable coaches offering instruction in all aspects of hitting, as well as drills from Big League stars. Get recommendations from Marucci on how to use your smart bat so you can swing like some of Marucci’s best athletes.



The future of hitting is here. Designed specifically for data-driven players who want to dominate at the plate. The CATX Smart is here to open up a whole new world of hitting experiences.


Bat Design and Construction
USSSA Game Certified
Embedded Sensor
Specifications and Policies:



Green Polycarbonate Knob Cover

Impact-resistant, transparent, thermoplastic material consistent with the CATX family of bats - enables the display of DK technology inside the knob while matching Marucci’s standards for durability, comfort, and performance.

Diamond Kinetics Gen 4.3 Sensor

Proprietary PCB containing all electrical components, including MEMS accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer as well as components for processing, storing, and transmitting swing data to iOS devices via Bluetooth antenna.

TPU Protective Insert

Protective housing designed to withstand impact accelerations of +10,000 G’s. The geometry and materials have been carefully engineered to isolate the sensor and battery from the forces experienced during a swing & ball impact.

Custom CR2450 Battery Pack

Fully integrated lithium battery designed for long-lasting power and performance. Does not require charging, so your CatX Smart is ready to go every time you hit. Safe for air travel.


Team DK Coaches


RobertAnthony Cruz signed with the Washington Nationals in 2021, living out his childhood dream. Now, he wants to share his knowledge with the next generation and inspire them to live out their own.

Team DK Coaches


Not swinging? Not interested. This is Coach Ian’s M-O, as the former Major League draft pick shows young players how to use their power to become better hitters.

Team DK Coaches


Cameron Johnson knows the game inside and out. His goal is to simplify the sport, helping young sluggers step up to the plate and make the most of their talent.

Team DK Coaches


“Work hard. Stay humble. Trust the process.” That’s what Coach JP preaches to her hitters. JP has experience coaching players of all ages and skill levels, many of whom have gone on to play in college.


DK opens up a whole new world of hitting experiences. The DK Bat Sensor and mobile app measure every swing and provide players with instant feedback. Players will take real swings in Interactive Games, Challenges, Guided Hitting Sessions and more.



Players take real swings in fun games like Virtual Home Run Derby and Barrel Speed Climber, built with DK’s proven player development metrics. Players stay motivated as they earn XP with every swing and earn rewards as they complete missions and challenges, featuring DK partners including MLB, USA Baseball, The Alliance Fastpitch, and more!


Guided hitting sessions

Players can hit with a variety of trusted, knowledgeable coaches, offering instruction in all aspects of hitting. Hitters can learn from a long list of trusted, knowledgeable coaches that match their training style and tap into DK’s roster of MLB players who share their favorite drills.


Track Improvements

Every activity in the DK App is built around DK’s proven key swing metrics including max barrel speed, attack angle, trigger to impact time, and more.


Committed to Innovation in the Games of Baseball & Softball with the Goal of Helping Players Get Better


The CATX Smart is available on